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Monthly Partnership Policy Round Up

Policy event

Date: 1st Thursday of the Month 

Time: Noon to 1 PM

Price: Free, open only to Partnership members and their staff

Our Members are powerful in making an impact on State and Federal policy when we unite our voices and take collective action. In order to keep abreast on the latest strategic organizing, we are launching monthly web-conferences to offer an additional space where our Members can hear more about the latest developments, ask questions and receive updated action alerts. Held from 12:00 pm -1:00 pm on the first Thursday of each month, these statewide conference calls are a great opportunity for you & your colleagues to grab your lunches and follow-along in as we unpack the recent news, share our insiders’ knowledge of potential impacts to our work, and outline concrete action steps you can take to flex your policy advocacy muscles! 

This is a members-only event. and we would love you to become a member so you can join! For more information about membership contact