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Assembly Select Committee on Domestic Violence

Policy event
  • May 8, 2019, 9-11 a.m.
  • Room 126, California State Capitol

Help us make a strong showing at the Capitol this Wednesday! We have an excellent opportunity to present our case to the Assembly Select Committee on Domestic Violence about why sexual and domestic violence prevention matters. Assemblymember Blanca Rubio, Chair of the Committee, is our state budget champion — helping us advance our proposal to fund $50 million in community-based prevention efforts. Let’s show support! If you’re within driving distance of the Capitol, we’ll be in room 126 at 9 a.m. We’ll look forward to hearing from preventionists in three panels: Working With Youth, Culturally-Specific Prevention Work, and Engaging Influential Adults and Peers. There will be time for public comment after the panels conclude.

➜ If you’re not able to make it, use our sample tweets. You can also watch the hearing live at the Assembly’s website.

Tuesday, May 7th:

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Tomorrow at 9 a.m., the Assembly DV Select Committee will learn how #PreventionWorks to end sexual & domestic violence. ➜ 80% of Californians support funding for domestic violence prevention! [] Join us #CALeg & learn more at

Wednesday, May 8th in the Afternoon:

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.@AsmBlancaRubio @BauerKahan @HeathFloraCA @ASMGabriel @J_GallagherAD3 @AsmGarcia @AsmMikeGipson @AsmMoniqueLimon @Evan_Low @AsmJamesRamos @AsmReyes47: Today’s DV Select Cmte hearing showed that DV’s lifetime burden in CA = $378.5B in 2014 USD. Funding prevention is vital! #CAleg

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.@AsmBlancaRubio @BauerKahan @HeathFloraCA @ASMGabriel @J_GallagherAD3 @AsmGarcia @AsmMikeGipson @AsmMoniqueLimon @Evan_Low @AsmJamesRamos @AsmReyes47: Today DV Select Cmte Members learned how CA youth are fostering consent & healthy relationships w/ limited resources. #CAleg

.@AsmBlancaRubio @BauerKahan @HeathFloraCA @ASMGabriel @J_GallagherAD3 @AsmGarcia @AsmMikeGipson @AsmMoniqueLimon @Evan_Low @AsmJamesRamos @AsmReyes47 (DV Select Cmte): #PreventionWorks within culturally responsive approaches — deeply rooted in communities themselves. #CAleg

.@AsmBlancaRubio @BauerKahan @HeathFloraCA @ASMGabriel @J_GallagherAD3 @AsmGarcia @AsmMikeGipson @AsmMoniqueLimon @Evan_Low @AsmJamesRamos @AsmReyes47: The Coaching Boys Into Men Program (@WithoutViolence) prevents teen dating violence. Fund prevention! #CAleg | DV Select Cmte

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