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Resources and Materials
Learning and capacity building resources for advocates, preventionists, and activists

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Whether you’re a seasoned advocate, a student, or a community member interested in learning more about domestic violence, our user-friendly resource library is a great tool for you. We have compiled an extensive database of publications, images, websites, webinars and more — all dedicated to understanding the dynamics of abuse, prevention strategies and community solutions. 

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Publication La Piana ConsultingBlue Shield of California Foundation

The Power of Partnerships
Insights from Leaders

The Power of Partnership addresses a need for integrative partnerships in the domestic violence field by featuring four case studies showing how integrative forms of collaboration have enabled domestic violence organizations—and their partners—to capitalize on their strengths, develop new solutions, and more effectively serve the community.


Publication La Piana ConsultingBlue Shield of California Foundation

The Power of Partnership
Strategic Restructuring Among Domestic Violence Organizations

The Power of Partnership was developed to meet the need for more information about the value of integrative partnership such as strategic restructuring. This publication features four case studies, from California and elsewhere, illustrating what integrative forms of collaboration meant for the work of domestic violence organizations. 

Publication Grassroots Fundraising Journal

Mapping Our Experiences
A Training Exercise

This training exercise teaches effective fundraising techniques for nonprofit professionals.

Resource Tool Blue Shield Against Violence

Strong Field Project Model

This PowerPoint slide provides a full logic model illustrating the impact of the Strong Field Project within California’s movement to end domestic violence. 

Publication California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Funding Formula Review and Recommendation
Final Report

From the Executive Summary of the Funding Formula Review and Recommendation:

Publication The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

California Teen Dating Violence Legislative History: 1996-2011

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence lists teen dating violence legislation from 1996-2011, also providing its position on these bills. 

Publication Strong Field Project

Emerging from Uncertain Financial Times
A Preliminary Cohort Analysis of Domestic Violence Service Providers in 2010

In this initial report we have sought to capture a high-level perspective of the better-than-expected 2010 fiscal year, provide a caveat to the apparent “good results” seen in 2010, and consider what the next few years may look like for the sector. 

Resource Tool Thaler Pekar & Partners

Exercise in Communicating, using the Heart, Head & Hand™ Framework
Regional Institute - Effective & Strategic Communication

These exercises, put forward by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, will help advocates communicate with various audiences. 

Publication National Network To End Domestic Violence

2011 Domestic Violence Counts California Summary

On September 15, 2011, 97 out of 100, or 97%, of identified local domestic violence programs in California participated in the 2011 National Census of Domestic Violence Services. This summary represents the information provided by 97 participating programs about services provided during the 24-hour survey period.

Resource Tool The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Cultivating Insider Champions for School Policy

This guide will help you cultivate champions from within the education system to promote school-based efforts for healthy relationships and dating abuse prevention. 


Understanding the Impacts of Domestic Violence on Survivors

The Depp v. Heard trial has been trauma activating for many survivors. At this moment when domestic violence is receiving a lot of sensationalized attention throughout the various forms of media, we affirm the need for attention on concrete solutions—those that support survivors, educate on the realities of domestic violence, and prevent it from occurring in the first place.