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Resources and Materials
Learning and capacity building resources for advocates, preventionists, and activists

➜  If you are experiencing domestic violence and need support, please visit our searchable map of domestic violence organizations.

Whether you’re a seasoned advocate, a student, or a community member interested in learning more about domestic violence, our user-friendly resource library is a great tool for you. We have compiled an extensive database of publications, images, websites, webinars and more — all dedicated to understanding the dynamics of abuse, prevention strategies and community solutions. 

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The Partnership’s Teen DV Month 2016

Did you participate in our ‪Teen DV Month‬ awareness campaign this February? Your feedback is important to us, and helps us continuously improve our public awareness efforts! Take our survey and let us know your thoughts on our February activities! 

Webinar Creative Interventions

Trainer Guide: Improving Domestic Violence Program Access for LGBTQ Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors

This curriculum was created as a tool and resource for agency participants in the Partnership’s 2006 – 2009 grant project, Improving Domestic Violence Program Access for LGBTQ Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors. Participants were provided with foundational training in order to train their own agency staff and build capacity to serve LGBTQ victims and survivors of domestic violence. Participants were provided this curriculum and adaptable PowerPoint to use with their teams.

Webinar Creative Interventions

Summative Evaluation Report: LGBTQ Domestic Violence Technical Assistance and Training Project

This publication is a program evaluation of the Partnership’s grant project which sought to enhance and maintain the skills of domestic violence shelters’ agency staff to increase access to services for victims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ). The initial grant project took place from July 2006 – May 2009. This evaluation was completed and published in 2009.

Please search “Trainer Guide: Improving Domestic Violence Program Access for LGBTQ Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors” to access materials generated from the project.

Webinar Alison Chopel, DrPH, MPH, Executive Director of the California Adolescent Health CollaborativeCalifornia Partnership to End Domestic Violence

School Health Center Healthy Adolescent Relationship Program (SHARP)
Prevention Peer Network

Alison Chopel, DrPH, MPH, Executive Director of the California Adolescent Health Collaborative, discusses the health consequences of Adolescent Dating Abuse as well as solutions. This webinar is part of the Partnership’s Prevention Peer Network series, where local programs present short trainings on their prevention strategies and lessons learned.


Who: Ethical And Safety Recommendations For Interviewing Trafficked Women

This publication produced by the World Health Organization provides in depth strategies, principles and recommendations for interviewing victims of human trafficking.



Human Trafficking
Guidebook on Identification, Assessment, and Response in the Health Care Setting

This comprehensive guidebook provides information and strategies for working with victims of human trafficking in identification, assessments and response in health care settings. The objectives of this guidebook are to educate health care providers about human trafficking, and to provide resources for patient referral and ongoing professional education.



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Resource Tool Women's Center - Youth & Family Services

Human Trafficking
Modern Day Slavery in Our Community

This brochure provides an overview of human trafficking and helpful tips for supporting victims. 

Resource Tool Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking - Office of the Administration for Children & FamiliesDepartment of Homeland SecurityOpening Doors Inc.

Tools for Advocates working with Victims of Sex Trafficking

The following resources are included in this packet:

  • Signs that someone is a victim of sex trafficking (Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking – Office of the Administration for Children & Families)
  • Definitions of Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling by the Department of Homeland Security
  • An Intake/Needs Assessment sheet from Opening Doors Inc.
  • A Trafficking/Victim Identification Tool (TVIT) - Short Version


Resource Tool San Joaquin County HT Task Force

Sample Screening/Intake Questions for Sex Trafficked Victims or CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Child/Children)

These screening/intake questions are for advocates who work with victims of sex trafficking and CSEC.


Understanding the Impacts of Domestic Violence on Survivors

The Depp v. Heard trial has been trauma activating for many survivors. At this moment when domestic violence is receiving a lot of sensationalized attention throughout the various forms of media, we affirm the need for attention on concrete solutions—those that support survivors, educate on the realities of domestic violence, and prevent it from occurring in the first place.