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By joining the Partnership, you become part of a mighty movement.

“Being a member means that I can be a part of this movement feeling secure in the knowledge that I have a fantastic support system of folks who listen, guide, and connect me to resources.” – Eydie Pasicel, WomenShelter of Long Beach

Together, We’re Stronger

Alongside our members and community supporters, we offer a large body of shared expertise and our collective advocacy makes an impact – in just the past year The Partnership has:

  • Developed tools for members so that they can do more impactful work, including a toolkit on Increasing Safety & Reducing Gun Violence in California

  • Co-sponsored two bills signed into law that will reduce evictions of survivors & ensure our homelessness system better incorporates survivors into goals and outcomes, focusing more resources on their needs & reducing the frequency and length of homelessness.

  • Developed a project for resource sharing, collaboration meetings, webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions for cohort members of the “Black, Indigenous & People of Color Leadership Project: Re-writing our Stories, Re-Imagining new Paths Project.”

  • Expanded our work with journalists across the state to deepen the conversation about domestic violence and share solutions to domestic violence by conducting media advocacy trainings for advocates, preventionists, and survivors. 

California has a mighty movement dedicated to ending domestic violence in our state—and it’s further strengthened when social justice leaders across issue areas and California communities join us. If you share our vision of a California full of healthy, respectful relationships, we invite you to take action alongside our network of over 1,000 advocates, organizations and allied individuals throughout the state. Click here to view the Partnership’s regional membership map.

Apply for Membership Today

To be eligible to be a member of the Partnership, you must live in or (if an organization) be headquartered in California. Additionally, all members agree to support the Partnership’s Mission and Values.

The Partnership offers Organizational and Individual memberships.

Organization Memberships

With an Organizational membership, all staff, volunteers and Board members have full access to Member benefits through their MemberClicks account.

We have two levels of Organizational Members:

  • Level 1 Organizations

    • Organization is dedicated to domestic violence prevention and/or intervention OR

    • Organization has a specific program or project that is dedicated to domestic violence prevention and/or intervention

    • Dues are based on an organization’s budget and size, ranging from $100 to $1100 per year.

  • Level 2 Allied Organizations

    • Governmental agencies, multi-disciplinary committees, and coalitions addressing domestic violence and/or intersecting social justice issues OR

    • Organizations that are dedicated to addressing other intersections social justice issues that may be related to, but are not specifically, domestic violence. 

    • Dues for Allied Organizations are $100 per year.

Individual Memberships

  • Dues for Individual member types are $50 per year, with reduced rates for survivors, students, and retired advocates.
  • An Individual Membership remains with the individual who applied and is non-transferable. 

Membership Benefits

Membership keeps you plugged in to this movement and gives you continued access to the tools, expertise and community you need to do your best work. As a member, you have access to the numerous benefits that are included in your membership:

  • Our Listservs give members access to a robust network of advocates, attorneys, activists, policy-makers, and allied organizations working intersectionally towards social justice
  • The Partnership’s weekly eNews, a member-exclusive providing information about upcoming webinars, events, and trainings throughout the state
  • Monthly Policy Round-up calls and our annual Policy Advocacy Day keep you up to date on funding and bills that directly impact your work, provide opportunities to mobilize with other leaders, and organize collective action for social change
  • Free Webinars where you can learn, grow and connect 
  • Discounted registration rates and travel assistance for our annual conference and other trainings and events
  • Our member-only website including curriculum and toolkits
  • Our distance learning platform which includes free access to the required 40 hour training for Advocates, available to your staff and volunteers
  • Regional meetings, calls and retreats to keep you connected and informed on the issues that matter most in your area
  • Prevention Peer Network calls, meetings and webinars to support and share your prevention efforts
  • Training services, one-on-one technical assistance and access to national resources to help advocates and allied professionals be more effective in addressing all facets of domestic violence

Learn more about membership

Introduction to the Partnership: A guide to making the most out of your membership!

Join our Membership team for a brief introduction to the Partnership’s history and mission, and learn about the different member types, and the many benefits of being Partnership member! Learn about our members-only website and how to use it, events and trainings the Partnership hosts, and how to access the variety of benefits available to you as a member of the Partnership. Get the most up to date information on new membership benefits, and what’s coming soon!

Registration is free, and open to new and longstanding members alike, as well as those considering membership.

Registration is now open for the following upcoming dates:


Already a member?

If you are a current Member of the Partnership, renewal is now open for the 2023-2024 year. Each Member has received a renewal email from our team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Need a login to access your member benefits? Request one here!