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A Window Between Worlds
This organization does not provide crisis services

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A Window Between Worlds is NOT art therapy and our trainings are NOT art therapy or creative arts therapies trainings. Art therapy is conducted by a credentialed therapist who has been trained extensively in psychology and the arts. As art therapy is often not accessible or affordable in many places, AWBW is a resource for human service providers to provide art as a healing tool in a safe, productive, meaningful and effective way.

A Window Between Worlds follows a trauma-informed approach, acknowledging that trauma is prevalent and the impacts are far reaching. Trauma experiences, trauma responses and healing do not occur in isolation but in the context of the person, family and community. Our goal is to provide a resource — the opportunity to create art in a safe environment — that can empower individuals and communities throughout the healing process.

AWBW has a curriculum of over 500 workshops tailored to address the unique needs of adult and children participants.

Venice CA, 90291-3090
Office: (310) 396-0317