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  • 24/7 Crisis Line: 1-800-575-5352
  • Confidential Emergency Safe House
  • Victim Services Drop-In Center
    • Open regular office hours
    • Safe space to hang out, relax and access services
    • Food, clothing and hygiene pantries
    • Books, games, movies, internet access, video games, rest
    • 1×1 case management
    • Therapeutic services
    • Job retraining, resume building, workshops, and skill building
    • Confidential HIV testing and access to birth control
  • 24/7 Accompaniment Services
    • Hospital accompaniment to sexual assault forensic exams
    • On-scene response with law enforcement to support and advocate for survivors
    • Accompaniment services to police, station, court, jails, juvenile detention facilities, group homes, social services, medical clinics, and other locations as requested
    • Emotional support, crisis intervention, medical and legal advocacy, connect survivors with programs/services
  • Therapeutic Services
    • Human Trafficking Support Group – a drop-in support group held once a week at the HT drop-in center
    • Individual therapy services with a licensed therapist
  • Legal Services
    • Legal consultations
    • U-Visas and T-Visas
    • Immigration removal proceedings
    • Legal representation for eviction removal, poor credit, etc.
    • Assistance with applying for various forms of legal identification
  • Financial Assistance
    • Relocation expenses
    • Security deposits for rental housing
    • Plane and bus tickets
    • Court and other legal fees
    • Medical care
  • Tattoo (branding) Removal or Cover-Up
    • In collaboration with laser removal agencies and tattoo parlors
Auburn CA, 95604
(800) 575-5352