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Shalom Bayit

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Programs & Services

Transforming lives: Support to Battered Jewish Women

  • Safety planning, phone and individual counseling, support groups and healing rituals, court accompaniment
  • Advocacy–within the Jewish community, in secular battered women’s programs and other areas as needed
  • Holiday programs and adopt-a-family holiday assistance

Transforming communities: Abuse Prevention/Education

  • Panels and workshops for the Jewish community on the dynamics of gender-based violence: sexual assault, sexual harassment, and domestic violence
  • Trainings on Jewish responses (historical and present) to domestic violence, spiritual perspectives, cultural attitudes that perpetuate or condemn violence against women, and building community-wide prevention programs
  • In-service trainings for counselors, social workers, attorneys, rabbis and other Jewish professionals, and domestic violence shelter workers
  • Workshops for adults on setting healthy boundaries and consent in personal and professional relationships
  • October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) Sukkot series, “May Our Homes Be A Shelter of Peace” awareness campaign in the Jewish community

Transforming our future: Youth Education: Love Shouldn’t Hurt 
Since 2002 Shalom Bayit has provided over 15,000 Jewish youth & their advocates with

  • Healthy relationships & consent workshops, teen outreach, dating violence prevention programs for elementary, middle-, high school, & college students
  • Companion programs for parents & Jewish educators
  • National Love Shouldn’t Hurt Jewish teen dating violence prevention curriculum

Technical Assistance

  • Individually tailored support for agencies wishing to help end violence against Jewish women
  • Strategic planning for congregations and agencies internally combating abuse
  • Assistance arranging Kosher meals and other services for Jewish residents of battered women’s shelters
  • Consultations with therapists, attorneys, rabbis, or other service providers

Spiritual Programs

  • Holiday healing rituals and services for survivors of abuse
  • Counseling on Jewish law and domestic violence
  • Sermons on domestic violence for all Jewish denominations
  • Information on domestic violence references in Jewish texts
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