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Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence
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The Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence is a national resource center on domestic violence, sexual violence, trafficking, and other forms of gender-based violence in Asian and Pacific Islander communities. It analyzes critical issues affecting Asian and Pacific Islander survivors; provides training, technical assistance, and policy analysis; and maintains a clearinghouse of information on gender violence, current research, and culturally-specific models of intervention and community engagement. The Institute serves a national network of advocates, community-based service programs, federal agencies, national and state organizations, legal, health, and mental health professionals, researchers, policy advocates, and activists from social justice organizations working to eliminate gender-based violence.

Its vision of gender democracy drives its goals to strengthen culturally-relevant advocacy, promote prevention and community engagement, and influence public policy and systems change.

To that end it’s training, technical assistance, and materials:

  • increase awareness about the extent and depth of various forms of gender-based violence
  • make culturally-and linguistically-specific issues visible;
  • strengthen models of prevention and intervention;
  • identify and expand resources;
  • inform and promote research and policy; and
  • deepen understanding and analyses of the issues surrounding violence against women.
San Francisco, CA 94108-4206
Office: (415) 568-3315