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Join a Community of Practice


Join a Community of Practice

Against a magenta to blue to yellow gradient background, the State of California is shown in blue. A network of white dots are connected by lines, with 13 silhouettes of people in blue and purple standing in front of them. To the right is black text and magenta to gold gradient text reading "Join a Violence Prevention Community of Practice". Underneath is a group of people shown in silhouette form, in blue, purple and gold. The logos for the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and ValorUS are shown at the bottom.The Partnership, in collaboration with VALOR (formerly CALCASA), invites you to join our Communities of Practice (CoPs). In August of 2020, these CoPs were created to offer free and accessible training & technical assistance for prevention staff and anyone engaged in the implementation of prevention efforts. The topics selected were subject areas requested in the 2019 Prevention Assessment. However, and as a result of the pandemic, these CoPs became spaces for preventionists from across the state to strategize through challenges that everyone was facing, while creating connections that matter so much to all of us. 

Unfortunately, as not all prevention efforts have been able to continue being implemented, due to the social distancing restrictions. As a result, several of the CoPs will no longer continue meeting. These include: Engaging Boys & Men, Prevention in Sports, and Youth Leadership. This is unfortunate and we are thinking of ways to continue supporting everyone. – If you have an idea or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

However, the Shifting Boundaries CoP will be expanding to address all ways of Creating Safer School Environments. This would be a perfect space for folks from the other CoPs to attend. 

Below, you will find dates and times, as well as Zoom links for our meetings. *Please join us for the CoPs you are going to be participating in. We will send out topics and resources in advance of meetings, so please register at the links below to make sure we can reach you! 

Questions? Please reach out to Miranda Stiers at


Communities of Practice Meeting Schedule
Free and Open to Anyone Engaged in Prevention!

Prevention with LGBTQ+ Communities

  • Facilitated by Miranda Stiers from the Partnership, and Sarah Orton from VALOR.
  • Meeting: 1st Thursday of every month from 9am to 10:30am 
  • Register here. Once you’ve registered, you can attend any session! 
  • Contact us with questions, and

Prevention in Spanish (Prevención en Español):

  • This CoP is on hold temporarily as we secure a new facilitator
  • Contact us with questions, Miranda Stiers

 Creating Safer School Environments:

  • Facilitated by Miranda Stiers from the Partnership, and Jessie Towne-Cardenas from VALOR.
  • Meeting: 3rd Friday of the month from 12:30 to 2:00pm. 
  • Register here. Once you’ve registered, you can attend any session! 
  • Contact us with questions,