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#FreeBresha Campaign
The Partnership Sends Letter Urging Ohio Prosecutor to Drop All Charges Against Bresha

The #FreeBresha Campaign has made headlines as an example of systemic injustice affecting survivors–particularly black girls and women–who defend themselves and their families against domestic violence. If you are not familiar with this case, Bresha is a 15 year-old teen living in Ohio. Along with her mother and siblings, she experienced years of abuse from her father.

Press release

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence on the continued domestic violence allegations against Assemblymember Hernández


Media Contact: Jessica Merrill, Communications & Development Manager: | (916) 444-7163, x118

Press release

Safety and Accountability:
The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence’s statement on the allegations against Assemblymember Hernandez

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is aware of the recent allegations of domestic violence against Assemblymember Roger Hernandez. As the coalition voice representing California’s domestic violence community, we are concerned about these charges, and want to reaffirm the importance of supporting victims and fostering meaningful accountability for people who harm others. Because the case at hand is open and ongoing, we do not have all the facts and cannot presume the nature of the evidence, nor the legal implications thereof.

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Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Rally
California’s latest prevention efforts discussed

Media Contact: Jessica Merrill                                      February 25, 2016
Mobile: (707) 330-6838

Getting to Know Our Movement

Getting to Know Our Movement
Jessie Corral & Mckinley Jordan of Peace Over Violence

Jessie and Mckinley from Partnership member program Peace Over Violence are working together with youth leaders to promote not only healthy relationships–but healthy communities overall. Jessie said, “This is something that can be replicated in the community–by using art, music, performance…digital storytelling, too. Using youth stories and voices to put out this positive message in the community that we want to see.”

Blog post Deena Fulton, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)

Our Field is United by Purpose
A Guest Post by Deena Fulton, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)

As much as possible, we want to highlight for our readers the power of collaboration in preventing gender-based violence. In this prevention blog post, we’re excited to bring you a guest post from Deena Fulton of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA). Our long-standing collaboration with CALCASA has been especially important for our prevention efforts, as many of our strategies address shared risk and protective factors for both sexual assault and domestic violence.


California Has its Own Specialized License Plate Dedicated to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention!
Pre-Order Yours Today and Spread the Word

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the California Says NO MORE license plate campaign alongside Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, the California Office of Emergency Services and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Blog post

Do You Support the Movement to End Domestic Violence? You Should Also Care About Immigration Policy.
By Jessica Merrill

The most important thing I’ve learned since joining the movement to end domestic violence is that one size does not fit all when supporting survivors. Every survivor has a unique identity that is shaped by country of origin, language, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and so much more. We cannot separate out these components of a person’s identity when thinking about how we respond to an individual survivor’s situation and needs, or when thinking about what policy issues impact their lives.

Blog post

Prevention work should be fun!
Back to School Edition

With only a few weeks until school starts, many California parents and students are gearing up for a year of academic and social growth. It’s an exciting time when everyone wants to put their best foot forward. The same goes for people working in adolescent dating abuse prevention; this is the time for finishing up plans to engage youth during the upcoming school year. Did you know that these prevention activities can actually be fun? 

Press release

New report demonstrates alarming gap in services for domestic violence victims in California

Media Contact: Jessica Merrill, Communications & Development Manager: (916) 444-7163, x118

New report demonstrates alarming gap in services for domestic violence victims in California

SACRAMENTO — A new report reveals 5,784 victims of domestic violence received services from domestic violence programs across California in just one day. These victims could fill legislators’ seats in the California Senate and Assembly chambers 48 times over.

Photo gallery

Adolescent Dating Abuse
Community Action Toolkit

You can make a difference in the lives of California youth, creating opportunities for them to build the skills they need to practice healthy, respectful relationships.

Share these images with your social media networks and ask them to take action! Be sure to Include the link to our guide, Mobilizing Schools to Address Adolescent Relationship Abuse.