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Be a Part of a Mighty Movement

Be a Part of a Mighty Movement
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Donate to the Partnership

Donate to Your Local Domestic Violence Organization

When it comes to ending domestic violence in California and envisioning safe and healthy families and relationships across the state, it takes a network of our local community organization Members AND statewide partnership to make this possible.

That’s why we’re asking you to support both the Partnership’s work and the work of domestic violence organizations in your communities.

Our Central Valley Board Representative and the Director of Shelter and Safety Services at Haven Women’s Center, Cristal B. Gleason, shares her own personal story and how donations like yours can make an impact on the lives of Californians at both local and state levels.

All of our work deserves to be funded! Together with our statewide members and supporters like you, the Partnership is proud to be leading profound transformation in California’s response to domestic violence. With your ongoing engagement and support we will continue our momentum and create widespread change in our state. When you make a donation to the Partnership, you become an ally in our united movement to end domestic violence.