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Join Our Beloved Community
Your Contributions Help End Domestic Violence in California

We each have a unique journey in the movement to end domestic violence—whether you’re a survivor whose healing includes organizing toward violence prevention for future generations, an advocate providing culturally responsive support and safety planning, or a preventionist centering youth voices to make campus environments more inclusive. We see you and appreciate you. If you’re not sure what your role is yet, we also speak directly to you—we see the fire in your heart to transform our society so no one has to experience domestic violence again. You are a part of our Beloved Community. 

We invite you to watch a new video with Dr. Aleese Moore-Orbih and Matthew White as they share their own personal journeys of survivorship and activism—and explore how to nurture the change-maker in each of us. Don’t miss this warm and introspective conversation between two movement leaders. 

You have advocated for survivors of gender-based violence, centered voices of marginalized communities and influenced social justice movements that transform culture. Let’s continue our momentum. 

  • Stand together with our coalition: Learn about our work at and partner with us to raise $5,000. Your contribution helps fund our campaigns, such as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month—where we shift power and support youth as they speak out and take lead roles in this movement. 
  • Give to your local domestic violence program. Local programs are hubs of social change in their communities. They need your partnership to ensure that survivors get the support they need AND break intergenerational cycles. Whether that’s through volunteering or donations, your donation is important. In the link above, take a look at our list of programs across California to find one close to you. 

If you don’t see what your role is yet, explore some starting points:

As Aleese discusses in our video, you can take small actions every day to embrace nonviolence in a way that is meaningful to you: “Do you want to show loving kindness and patience to others? Do you want to share your privilege and access? Do you want to share power? Do you want to be a nonviolent person? Do you want to be a person who lives a life that does not take advantage of power and privilege? …If that’s the kind of person you want to be, I would invite you to begin being a part of this movement, by being part of the change, by changing your life: step by step, every day, a little thing; practice love, practice kindness, practice patience, look for opportunities to show compassion, forgiveness; to share whatever wealth that you might have.”