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Annual Membership Meeting


Annual Membership Meeting | +REGISTER

This is a vector image of a sun rising over a misty purple toned mountain, with pine trees on either side of a channel. At the bottom is a blue rectangle with white text reading, "ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING" and "A New Dawning: Journeying Together Toward Justice, Equity and Healing". In the center of the text is an element of the Partnership's logo--intertwined hands--in white.- Tuesday, June 14 | Time: The agenda is under construction, but expect an informative and inspirational full day of programming and optional activities, with plenty of breaks! 

– Accessible on Zoom  

– Free for all Partnership members, their staff, Board members, community stakeholders, and program volunteers: To make this event as accessible and inclusive as possible to participants throughout the movement, we have waived all registration costs. If you aren’t a member of the Partnership and would like to attend, apply for membership today!

We want all staff, advocates, preventionists, volunteers, and folks working in DV organizations/agencies to attend!

At our virtual Annual Membership Meeting, we’ll take a collective breath and acknowledge the complex realities we’ve experienced from 2021 to now in a supportive space.

  • Express your experiences over the past year in community with your peers throughout the state  
  • Learn about the Partnership’s work and regional organizing  
  • Begin or increase your involvement in California’s Movement to End Domestic Violence 

We’ll be exploring this year’s theme: A New Dawning: Journeying Together Toward Justice, Equity, and Healing as we grow together as a greater collective “we”.  We are all are the movement, a leader, a changemaker and a member of the California Partnership. We have so much to learn from our members as we look toward a dawn of justice, equity and healing that you helped create.