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DVAM 2022


Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022 Tools

Butterflies appear deep purple in the shadows, and gradually become lighter purple as they fly toward the light. There is a white butterfly in a spotlight in the upper left-hand corner. "Transformation" an "DVAM 2022" are shown toward the top and bottom of the image, respectively.

This year the Partnership has focused on creating tools you can use for your Domestic Violence Awareness campaign. We surveyed the field in July to find out what would be most useful to you as you develop your campaign. We are proud to announce this year’s DVAM toolkit.

These tools depict actions all of us can take to prevent violence around us — transformative actions we can incorporate into our every day lives. We want you to take this content and post it to your pages to increase community engagement by showing these transformative actions everyone can take to be a part of the effort to end domestic violence.

You may use as much or as little of the provided content as you would like. The copy can be tweaked to meet your organization’s needs. The images have blank spaces on them and we encourage you to add your organization’s logo or information on the images as you see fit.


  • You requested short videos that discussed systemic issues related to DV. We recruited leaders around the state to talk about the issues you ranked as your top concerns. The leaders discussed why each topic was a concern, and actions people could take to address the issue. Post these to your accounts to share with your supporters ways they can deepen their connection to the DV movement. Videos about homelessness gun violence, and prevention are available now! Download each video and a sample caption for you to use on your social media.
  • Encourage local leaders to post about DVAM: We’ve created a sample email for you to encourage local leaders to post publicly about DVAM so they can share to their supporters about actions everyone can take to spread information about DV. There’s a section for you to include your DVAM plans, and sample posts for the leader.
  • Encourage policy makers to take action during DVAM: This sample email encourages local policy makers to wear purple and also informs them about major policy areas that affect survivors. This sample email includes a resource sheet with educational information about domestic violence.
  • Sample DVAM 2022 Proclamation template: A great way to raise awareness is to pass a DVAM resolution in your community. It’s a chance to teach local leaders about the prevalence of domestic violence, and give them an opportunity to speak out about it. We’ve written out a sample proclamation that contains instructions. Download the proclamation (.docx)
  • Media toolkit: As you receive media requests throughout the month, here’s a toolkit to help you prepare, and perhaps generate your own media opportunities. CA Partnership Media Training Guidebook

Statewide Campaign

In addition to the tools above, the Partnership is also doing a few statewide activities during DVAM.

  • Proposition 1: Prop 1 would support bodily autonomy by codifying the right to reproductive care, abortion, and contraceptives in California’s constitution. The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence says yes on Prop 1 because we support survivors’ fundamental human right to make their own reproductive decisions. All month we will be showing our support for Prop 1.
  • Download and share images created by DVAM Artist Nene: Are you inspired by the Partnership’s campaign graphics? Access our main campaign image, a Purple Thursday graphic (post on October 20th!), and Zoom backgrounds. 
  • Media briefing: We are hosting a media briefing this month for journalists to learn about DV in depth and offer experts’ solutions. Know any journalists who might be interested? Please email Megan at
  • Funding Opportunity: DV/GVRO Awareness Campaign – The Partnership is inviting domestic violence service providers to apply for funding to develop an awareness campaign to increase survivors’ access and knowledge of the systems and resources meant to protect them. Your campaign will be centered on GVROs as they relate to DV victims, survivors, and fatalities. The application is available here and more information can be found on our GVRO landing page.

Technical Assistance

Do you need help planning your DVAM campaign? We can help provide tools and resources, be a sounding board for your ideas, brainstorm a campaign tailored to your community’s needs, and strengthen your current plans. Technical assistance is free to Partnership members and their staff. Interested? Please contact Michelle Huey at To explore joining our coalition, click here.

Artist Statement

Thank you to Nene who created the beautiful artwork above. You can look forward to a few more graphics from her later this month.

My vision for the campaign is to give hope and empowerment through the image of butterflies emerging from the fog to the light. These butterflies are in different shades of purple and are hanging from fine strings, symbolizing the victims and survivors of domestic violence who are often held “captive”, controlled and manipulated. These butterflies who are living in a fog are trying to fly toward the light and a single white butterfly is guiding them to the light. The white butterfly symbolizes courage, transformation, rebirth and hope, showing us that we can evolve ourselves just like a butterfly. The white butterfly is watching over us and helping us to heal. Personally, I have a spiritual connection to white butterfly as it appeared flying around me the day my dear grandmother passed. Ever since, whenever I am struggling, a white butterfly appears as if my grandmother is by my side watching over and protecting me. Finally, the butterflies remind us that we are all unique, beautiful and deserve to be seen and heard. Each of us can heal and transform no matter how painful our past is.
- Nene

Upcoming events

October 20th – Purple Day | all day

Encourage those around you to wear Purple. Use #PurpleThursday on social media to show your support, and don’t forget to share DVAM Artist Nene’s image the day-of!

For Californians Who Want to Get Involved with California’s Movement to End Domestic Violence

Want to help with DVAM in your community? Connect with your local organization to see how you can help with their local campaign. Click here for a map of domestic violence organizations in California. Click here to learn about StrongHearts Native Helpline, which serves Native and Indigenous survivors.

Additional DVAM resources: