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DVAM 2021


Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021

Flipping the Script: Rewriting California’s Future to Be Free of Domestic Violence

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) this October, we’ll introduce you to everyday Californians who are striving toward safe, healthy, and thriving relationships. We’re welcoming people who are connecting the dots between decolonization, racial justice and gender justice; access to housing and economic justice for survivors; healing and accountability, and much more.

Over the past year, survivors, advocates, and preventionists have engaged in inspiring work to end domestic violence. Their stories flip the script, contributing to a movement of resilience and community-rooted solutions.

This month we’ll show you ways to get involved in the movement, bring forward solutions to prevent violence, and dismantle barriers impacting survivors. Domestic violence is preventable, and together we can rewrite the future to be free of domestic violence.


Ways to be involved

>>>Reposting or sharing posts.

We’re creating a series of “op-docs” (op-eds, but in video format) that showcase Californians Flipping the Script of domestic violence. Check out our calendar to see when we’ll be posting it, and the links so you can share it or post it yourself.

>>>Contact your local legislator

Our Policy Team is working to address the issues that survivors face. Sign up here to join our interest list for our Policy Advocacy Day in May. Never talked to your legislator before and don’t know what to talk about? Don’t worry. We’ll provide you with everything you need to know. Tap Ben Salemme’s video to learn about his experience lobbying as a survivor.

Demystifying lobbying - a survivor's perspective

>>>Wear purple on purple day

Purple Day is on Thursday, October 21st and it’s a way to show your support for survivors. Post a picture on social media and tag us, so we can show how many people are standing up against domestic violence. Encourage others to wear purple by posting one of the graphics below.

>>>Help domestic violence organizations

Donate some money or time to your local domestic violence organization and learn how to connect with them. Follow them on social media to learn about the ways they’re serving your community. Click here for a map of domestic violence organizations in California. Click here to learn about StrongHearts Native Helpline, which serves Native and Indigenous survivors


A future free of domestic violence?

Domestic violence is preventable and doesn’t have to be in our future. And it starts with all of us. To ensure the relationships across California are healthy and thriving, we need to address root causes and shift the culture in our communities. As parents, educators, friends, advocates, and everyday people, we CAN challenge gender-based violence, barriers to our safety net, racism, and ageism. Healthy relationships and communities create the foundation of a California where everyone has what they need to thrive.

Below are our interactive stories to demonstrate how you can make a difference:

Ana’s Alarm and Monica Matters


About our campaign visuals

Headshot of MelissaThe visuals for our campaign were designed by Melissa. Melissa is a 22-year-old, Sacramento transplant with a passion for prevention work.

Her interpretation of the campaign theme is informed by the idea that we can not only flip the script, but also change the narrative. In the background, you’ll find words that describe how she felt characterized, crossed out and replaced, by words that she embodies: survivor, empowered, and honest. Our truths carry power, and she hopes to capture the feelings of fight, freedom, and resiliency that express her own story of survivorship.

Learn more about Melissa


Campaign Materials

Blog posts

Solutions and Strategies for Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline or the War Against Black Girls

Promoting Healing and Accountability for People Who Have Caused Harm

The Cycle Stops with Me

Zoom background

Sample DVAM 2021 Proclamation template

Download the proclamation

Supporting Immigrant Survivors
Apoyo Para Sobrevivientes Inmigrantes Supporting Survivors of Coerced Debt: SB 373
Preventing the Criminalization of Survivors: AB 124 A screenshot of Paula Julian is in the background, with a semi-translucent rectangle is in the foreground. It contains comic book dots, with white text reading, "VAWA AND FVPSA REAUTHORIZATION: SUPPORTING NATIVE SURVIVORS".
Wildfires and Displacement Youth-led work to prevent violence
The intersections of domestic violence and homelessness
There is a screenshot of Chelcee Thomas in the background, with a semi-translucent purple rectangle in the foreground. This has comic book dots throughout, and white text reading, "THE INTERSECTIONS OF GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE & NATURAL DISASTERS". Family Law and Courts

Purple Thursday square graphic

Purple Thursday 1920x1080px graphic