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Domestic Violence and the Legal System


Domestic Violence and the Legal System

The legal system has a critical role to play in promoting victim and community safety, as well as accountability for those who commit domestic violence. The Partnership is involved in a range of activities to strengthen our legal system’s response, including participating in task forces and collaborating with other stakeholders.

Language and court access are critical issues for survivors of domestic violence. For those with limited English proficiency, the lack of interpretation when interacting with law enforcement officials and in court proceedings can put survivors’ safety at risk. The Partnership monitors trends and responds to issues of language access advocating for policy solutions and systems changes to improve access for survivors.

Amicus Briefs

In addition to legislative and systems change work, the Partnership also joins Amicus Briefs when appropriate. This is an important way for the Partnership to ensure that the needs of victims are heard in our courts.

Browse through our Amicus Briefs by year below.