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CROS Survey


About the CROS

About the CROS

The Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self-Assessment & Purpose

A wide variety of cultural strengths exist within social service organizations. As our field strives to continuously enhance its cultural responsiveness while serving survivors, families, and communities, it is essential for organizations to recognize their own assets and challenges. The Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Tool (CROS) was created for this very purpose. Specially designed and validated for the social services field, this self-administered tool allows participants to:

  • Receive a customized snapshot depicting where their organization is on a developmental continuum of cultural responsiveness
  • Increase their understanding of their organizational strengths, as well as areas that may benefit from attention and improvement
  • Deepen their insight as to the way in which culturally-responsive practice is weaved throughout their organizations​​

What Organizations are Saying about CROS’ Impact:

For over 26 years, our healing curriculum—meant to serve all people—was authored primarily by a single group: white women. There was great healing power in opening the possibility for people of color to see themselves reflected in the curriculum content and its authors.”—Cathy Salser, A Window Between Worlds | Read More

We took the first step in learning about LGBTQ cultural responsiveness to help our efforts to reach an underserved hidden population within the South Asian Community.”—Zakia Afrin, Maitri | Read More

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Are You Ready to Take the CROS?
A few questions to help guide you

We encourage organizational leadership teams to explore these questions, which will help determine how your organization might prepare for and leverage the CROS experience.



This Facilitation Guide and its companion pieces, the Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self Assessment and Summary Report Template (CROS Toolkit), were produced with the generous support of Blue Shield Foundation of California: Blue Shield Against Violence.