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Webinar: Art As Liberation

Capacity building event
  • Rescheduled: Thursday, June 20 – 2:30-3:30 p.m.
  • Partnership Members: $15 | Non-Members: $35
  • Presented by Jennifer Chen Speckman and Rabeya Sen
  • Register Today

This webinar will explore the arts as a medium for transforming community and survivor narratives about IPV. We will accomplish this by:

Using an appreciative inquiry to identify violence prevention projects that historically and currently use art to shift community perceptions and participant transformation;

Engaging a team of social justice artists/ linguist/IPV advocates/IPV survivors in a multi-day forum to explore strategies for shifting narratives; and

Developing a toolkit with recommended strategies to shift the narrative using art. The purpose is to help shift from a single narrative of intimate partner violence to one that recognizes the confluence of multiple experiences and identities of the individual, the advocate, and the collective. 

Partnership members pay only $15! Click here to apply for membership.

Questions? Please contact Cibonay Jimenez, Capacity-Building Program Coordinator, at or (916) 444-7163 x 117