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Self Care for Advocates Part 4: Integrating Creativity during a Pandemic: Mindfulness and Post Traumatic Growth

Capacity building event

Date: May 24, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM – 90 Minutes

Price: Other: Free for members; $35/Nonmembers

I. Joy and Play
a. Finding Joy versus Happiness
b. Time without purpose

II. Post-Traumatic Growth
a. Integration
b. Stages of Change
c. Reflection: what to leave behind, what to keep, and where to change

III. Unity and Connection
a. Language
b. Accountability


Amanda Gibson
Amanda Gibson is a licensed clinical social worker and an independent professional counselor with 15 years of experience. She treats adults and families in the areas of child welfare, domestic violence, trauma, chronic health, and mental health and wellness. She the Founder and CEO of Counseling Col:lab in Sacramento California. Counseling Col:lab provides a collaborative space where therapists of all different backgrounds come together to serve the Sacramento area. While earning her master’s in social work at USC, Amanda served as the program director at Good Shepherd Shelter in Los Angeles from 2003-2006. In January of 2014, she returned to serve at the Shelter as the Director of Clinical Programs and Operations after working in Sacramento in mental health. Amanda is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at USC School of Social work who teaches online classes to MSW students on the topic of IPV/DV and Global Violence Against Women. In addition to her extensive clinical skills, Amanda has always integrated self-care into each agency she has been a part of and as a result has led very successful teams who provide high quality, efficient services, with low rates of burn out and staff turnover.


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