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North Regional Call
This event is a benefit of membership with the Partnership.

Capacity building event

Starting this week, the Partnership is offering two new calls for Members working in DV organizations—and we welcome people in ALL positions to join, including shelter managers, preventionists, advocates, therapists, child counselors, directors, managers, etc.
Our regional and all-Member calls are non-facilitated, open forum opportunities to discuss what’s working for organizations, ask questions of one another, and share resources. Most importantly, this will be a space to join together in community, and know that you are not going through addressing COVID-19 alone. Others are grappling with the same concerns. Together, we’ll share creative, innovative ways to solve problems and provide services—and navigate this new reality we all face.

This event is a benefit of membership with the Partnership. If you are a member, log into the MemberClicks site and find the calendar under the News and Events tab. Click here to apply for membership.