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Culturally Specific Collaborative Conversations

Capacity building event
The Culturally Specific Collaborative is in the background, with white text against a green rectangle. It reads, "Envisioning a culturally responsive organization"

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, April 7th from 10-11 a.m. for our ongoing Courageous Conversation on creating culturally responsive organizations.

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Since the beginning of this conversation, we’ve considered and discussed the various aspects that culturally responsive DV/SA organizations are comprised of – communication styles, staffing, work loads, facilities etc. As we’ve continued, we’ve delved into what specific things are needed to steer our organizations to a culturally responsive service path.
Join us as we go deeper into developing specific action steps. We’ll start with internal ‘equity team’ development, and engagement strategies & tools for staff and board members.
In solidarity, 

CSC Core Group
Toni Schrader, Nat Calcutta, Constance Athayde, Daniela Castaneda, Nat Wadman and Graciela Olguin with Mercedes Tune, Capacity Building Specialist

“The Culturally Specific Collaborative exists as a response to systemic oppression.
As agents of change, We reclaim ourselves, our power and identities and support one another to facilitate our collective healing. We shine light on equitable, inclusive practices to embrace transformation. By taking responsibility for the next generations, We honor the sacrifice of those who came before us and the resilience and strength of our communities.”