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The Partnership’s Teen DV Month 2016


Did you participate in our ‪Teen DV Month‬ awareness campaign this February? Your feedback is important to us, and helps us continuously improve our public awareness efforts! Take our survey and let us know your thoughts on our February activities! 

We all have a role in ending adolescent dating abuse! This February for Teen DV Month, we’re extending the message that every Californian can become a #PreventionStar–from educators, to social justice allies and concerned Californians–to support teens as they learn the skills to build healthy relationships.

For our 2016 social media campaign, we’ll especially be shining the spotlight on schools. Middle and high schools are environments that can help students experiencing the isolation, emotional and physical pain that comes with abuse—because students can’t learn if they’re hurting or don’t feel safe. Educators can create a culture where healthy relationships are a priority. When we create enduring school policies to address adolescent dating abuse, youth will feel supported for generations to come. And together, we can make that happen. 

We welcome you to join us all month for a series of activities, including: live Periscope chats with state prevention leaders, shareable bios of our star members working with schools, a quiz to test prevention knowledge, and more!

Select the icon below that best fits you to get started. If you’re a Partnership member, log into our members-only site for exclusive tools!