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Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2020: VOTE!
Getting Back to Our Roots: The Personal Is Political


Voting is an act of liberation. Survivors and youth must have a voice in their relationships and the policies impacting California communities.

The right to vote—the access to do so—is the result of many sacrifices. The honorable John Lewis, who recently passed away, was beaten and jailed for exposing entrenched racism in our systems, and was instrumental in passing the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Throughout California, activists have been leading the way to undo the damaging effects of racist disenfranchisement in local jurisdictions.

For Black, Indigenous and Native, and Survivors of Color, these barriers to voting have been compounded by tactics of power and control in abusive relationships. And youth—especially Black, Indigenous and Native, and Youth of Color—have fought to be heard in agendas that are relevant to their lives and futures. We seek to join the chorus of groups that are demanding a voice in this election. Leading up to Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October and the election in November, our campaign will prioritize:

  • Elevating survivors’ and young people’s stories of voting and organizing—especially those working with rural and culturally specific domestic violence organizations
  • Educating Californians on the issues relevant to the movement to end domestic violence
  • Promoting voter registration—especially through the confidential Safe at Home program.

More information to come in August! For now, domestic violence organizations can ensure that they’re an enrolling agency for the Safe at Home Program, and Californians can register to vote with the options below: 

 Register to Vote:

>> To protect Californians from the spread of COVID-19, Governor Newsom declared an Executive Order that will issue a vote-by-mail ballot to each voter prior to the November 3, 2020 election, in addition to offering in-person voting locations.

>> If you are a survivor who is NOT enrolled in Safe at Home, send in an application to begin the process of registering to vote confidentially by mailWhile the last day to register to vote is October 19th, it takes roughly 30 days to process an application. Apply by August 31st to account for processing time before the voter registration deadline of October 19th. Questions? Please contact Safe at Home for information or contact an Enrolling Agency in your area to get started.

>> Survivors who are enrolled in the Safe at Home Program and registered as confidential vote-by-mail voters will receive their ballots soon. 

>> Domestic violence Organizations: Become an enrolling agency for the Safe at Home Program! To spread the word about the program on social media, encourage you to use the shareable images toward the bottom of this page. Questions? Please contact Safe at Home at visit the Safe at Home website directly. 

>> Young people who are 16 or 17 years old can pre-register to vote right now online. They will be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18 years old. Preventionists, please help spread the word!

>> Californians who are 18 or older can register to vote online here. We encourage all advocates and preventionists to register!

✓ Where to Vote: If voting by mail is not an option, you can still vote in-person. 

✓ Seek Support if You Need it: Sometimes, our ballot choices are extremely limited and go against our values as survivors. This can re-trigger trauma. Our Member Organizations are here for you. 

✓ Explore Your Ballot 

✓ Share Campaign Media: Click the thumbnails below, save, and share!

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