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Community Anti-Blackness Lab – Practicing Together for Collective Liberation and Accountability

Capacity building event

Price: Free, open to Partnership Members and their staff only

“If there’s one thing missing in our country, it’s an acknowledgment of the broad humanity of black folks. Racism—and anti-black racism in particular—is the belief that there’s something wrong with black people.” —Ta-Nehisi Coates

White supremacy is not a system of oppression that operates under a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, it targets people differently depending on how much capital it takes from a particular community and how much power and brutality it wields over them. The difference between anti-Blackness and white supremacy is that anti-Blackness is a more pervasive, systematic, and brutal form of white supremacy. Are you willing to take bold action? Are you willing to own areas where you have privilege? Are you willing to use that privilege to benefit the margins of the margins? Are you willing to risk/lose your privilege? Can you recognize that while experiencing oppression, you can also be holding anti-Blackness in your heart and in your actions? Are you willing to be uncomfortable? Are you willing to be in brave space together to build the possibility of collective liberation?

If you are wrestling with these complex questions in your soul, come join us at this hands-on and heart-on Community Anti-Blackness Lab.

Please only register if you can join for the entire time via video.
We will be creating small groups and need to count on those registering to truly attend.


Tony Porter and the A Call to Men team


Please contact Michell Franklin,


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