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Sample 40 Hour Training Curriculum


Partnership Members and California Office of Emergency Services grantees have access to our sample 40-hour training curriculum, which fulfills the State’s requirements for Domestic Violence Counselors[1]. To gain access to this valuable resource, apply for membership today! You can learn more about the curriculum by reading our FAQs.

  • PowerPoint presentations are designed to be fully customizable.  Curricula users will be able to insert their agency logos, local resources and statistics as needed to reflect the realities of your organization and community. The presentations also include multimedia options (YouTube Videos, website links) that further explore training topics and elicit discussions. Internet access will be required to fully utilize these multimedia options.  
  • Trainers’ Manuals are designed to provide relevant slide-by-slide information that further explains the contents of the PowerPoint presentations. Trainers will see prompts which outline instructions for presenting materials, tips for handling particular audience issues that may come up, and website links for additional resources or sources of information presented. Trainer’s manuals are not customizable. 
  • Hand-outs are meant to be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation to elicit additional discussion or to complement the training topic. They are designed for trainers to download and print for training participants. Some hand-outs are mentioned in the Trainer’s Manuals for discussion while others are meant for additional reading either before or after training sessions. 
  • Training activities are designed to enhance and compliment the learning experience for participants.  Activities include instructions, lists of materials and follow-up question prompts for the trainers.  Some activities are mentioned in the Trainer’s Manuals and PowerPoints while others are not.  Trainers may choose which activities will be most appropriate for the training group and time constraints. 

[1] Domestic Violence Counselors: This curricula is intended to be a tool to assist domestic violence victim service organizations / domestic violence shelter service providers operating in accordance with California Evidence Code Section §1037.1(b) and California Penal Code §13823.15-13823.16 (respectively), for the purpose of ensuring those working with victims meet the requirements of a Domestic Violence Counselor pursuant to Evidence Code §1037.1(a)(1).