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One Organization’s Journey towards Equity
The Partnership's Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self-Assessment (CROS) tool will re-launch soon!


Soon, the Partnership will be re-launching its Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self-Assessment (CROS) tool with a variety of customized support options for domestic violence agencies. During this countdown, we invite you to explore Haven Women’s Center of Stanislaus’ use of CROS to have Courageous Conversations on implicit bias.

Implicit bias works in the background of our brains, making decisions and sending messages we don’t mean to communicate. Haven staff is committed to peeling the layers of implicit bias to live whole, liberated lives, and to meet clients’ needs in the most unbiased way possible. As part of the CROS process, Haven engaged in Courageous Conversations, opening up space for reflections and training on implicit bias. This also began the process of creating a shared language within the agency. The core group is made up of staff from all programs and at all levels, and holds the heart of Haven’s efforts to improve cultural responsiveness in the organization.

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