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#FreeBresha Campaign
The Partnership Sends Letter Urging Ohio Prosecutor to Drop All Charges Against Bresha


The #FreeBresha Campaign has made headlines as an example of systemic injustice affecting survivors–particularly black girls and women–who defend themselves and their families against domestic violence. If you are not familiar with this case, Bresha is a 15 year-old teen living in Ohio. Along with her mother and siblings, she experienced years of abuse from her father. On July 28th, she allegedly killed her father in order to protect her mother, who calls Bresha her hero. Bresha is now being charged with aggravated murder and is currently being held in a juvenile facility in Ohio. 

Together with some other State Domestic Violence Coalitions and Survived & Punished, the Partnership has sent a letter urging the Prosecutor to drop all charges against Bresha.

Here are some ways you or your organization can get involved with the campaign:

Bresha Meadows 
c/o Ian Friedman 
1360 E 9th St Suite 650 
Cleveland, OH 44114