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Expert Quotes


Executive Director Kathy Moore on Domestic Violence Program Funding:

“Supporting domestic violence programs is an essential investment in healthy communities. These agencies are not only providing emergency victim assistance—they also offer children’s counseling, financial literacy services, community education and prevention initiatives to support healthy relationships with young people throughout the state.” 

Director of Programs Jacquie Marroquin on the Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies and Immigrant Survivors:

“Domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse exist in the shadows,” Marroquin said. “When folks don’t feel like they can come forward and bring these issues into the light, it forces them to remain in harmful situations.” 

Executive Director Kathy Moore on Survivors of Domestic Violence:

“Certainly we do hear from survivors, time after time, [about] how the judgement, the victim-blaming, serves to further isolate them and makes it sometimes harder for them to reach out for help when folks aren’t sensitive to the really complicated factors that are going on in their lives. ”