The following is some information about specific trainings and workshops we have available to the public. Most of these trainings are offered at low-cost or free-of-charge to our members and for a fee for non-members.

Economic Justice

Moving Ahead Through Financial Management

The Moving Ahead Through Financial Management training is based on a curriculum designed to teach advocates how to empower DV survivors to be self-sufficient with their finances. The curriculum was developed by the Allstate Foundation and the National Network to End Domestic Violence to address the financial obstacles that often prevent survivors from leaving their abusers.
The curriculum includes:

  • Resources to strengthen survivor confidence in order to take action;
  • Strategies to address the financial and safety challenges of ending a relationship with an abuser;
  • Resources for working through the quality-of-life changes survivors may encounter when fleeing abuse;
  • Strategies to work through challenges after an identity or name change and an abuser's misuse of the survivor's personal records;
  • Tactics to understand financial fundamentals and basic steps to building a strong financial base, including budgeting, saving, building credit, and managing debt.
You can access these training materials online, here.

Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence
California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is increasing its efforts to address the growing needs of California’s immigrant domestic violence victims and survivors by offering specialized training to our members. According to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, California continues to be the state with the highest proportion of immigrants. While San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego are among the nation's major gateways for new immigrants, immigrant population growth is also changing the landscape of rural California’s needs for culturally and linguistically appropriate services. The Partnership is committed to providing information and trainings to better educate service providers on how they can assist this under-served population by partnering with national experts from Legal Momentum. To learn more about Legal Momentum’s Immigrant Women Program click here . Also visit The Partnership’s Public Policy page to find out what The Partnership is doing to create systems change and support immigrant public policy initiatives.

Legal Updates
“Using Domestic Violence Legislation to Advocate for Victims & Survivors of Domestic Violence”

Each year The Partnership provides its Legislative Workshop Series: “Using Domestic Violence Legislation to Advocate for Victims & Survivors of Domestic Violence.” These trainings provide an overview of new legislation that impacts domestic violence victims and survivors. The training offers service providers, attorneys, and other allied professionals an opportunity to learn about the most current laws to better protect and ensure justice for domestic violence survivors and their children.

Survivors with Mental Health and Substance Use/Abuse Issues
Any Door is the Right Door”

“Any Door is the Right Door” is a unique, hands-on, multi-disciplinary training The Partnership specially developed for service providers committed to serving domestic violence victims with co-occurring mental health and substance use/abuse problems. The curriculum is designed for audience members who have a basic background in the disciplines of domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse. The training effectively increases the skills of the attendees in identifying, and screening clients with domestic violence, and co-occurring mental health and/or substance abuse problems. Through the “Any Door is the Right Door” training, The Partnership strives to build community capacity to more appropriately serve clients with multiple vulnerabilities.

Technology Safety
California Partnership to End Domestic Violence’s Technology Training Initiative, funded by the Verizon Foundation, has launched training programs across the state to address complex and ever-evolving safety issues of domestic violence victims and survivors in a digital age. The training was developed for direct service providers to learn more about how to ensure safety for survivors on the internet and on technology devices. In addition to learning about personal safety, the project provides information about how to utilize technology to hold batterers accountable, as well as how organizations can enhance their own technology protection efforts. To learn more about how Verizon is helping domestic violence survivor’s click here.