National Stalking Awareness Month
January 2014

Dear Advocates,

In January 2004, the National Center for Victims of Crime launched National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM) to increase the public's understanding of the crime of stalking (
click here to learn more about the history of NSAM). Please join the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and advocates throughout California in commemorating the tenth observance of NSAM this January!

The Partnership has compiled several resources to help you plan NSAM events and activities to raise awareness about stalking this January and throughout the year:

Data, Facts & Statistics:
• Click here for a
Stalking Fact Sheet
• To access the report, "Stalking Victimization in the United States", click here

Promotional Materials & Media Resources:
Use this Sample News Release as a template, or substitute your local information and statistics, and submit it to your community's newspaper this January.
• And
here are some Sample Social Media Updates you can adapt for your social networking sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
• For more NSAM materials visit  

Resources for Stalking Victims:
• "
Stalking: A Handbook for Victims" -- This handbook provides stalking victims with resources, choice options, safety tips, and stalker information designed to assist victims in regaining control over their lives. Also discussed are the building of criminal and civil cases against stalkers, the use of restraining orders, and victims' rights.
• "
Safety Plan Guidelines" -- A tool designed in response to the victim's specific situation that evaluates what the victim is currently experiencing, incorporates the pattern of previous behavior, and examines options that will positively impact victim safety
• Administered by the California Secretary Of State's Office, the
Safe At Home Program allows participants to use a free post office box instead of their home address to help them maintain their privacy when receiving first-class mail, registering to vote, getting a drivers license, enrolling a child in school, and more.
• "
How to Start and Facilitate a Support Group For Victims of Stalking"-- A guide for victim service providers, volunteers and other concerned community members on how to initiate and run a stalking support group in their agency or community. The guide includes information about designing a support group for stalking victims, recommendations for group membership, tips for facilitators, a sample curriculum, and much more.

Information about Stalking Laws:
• For information concerning Criminal Stalking Laws in California
click here
• For information concerning Civil Stalking Laws in California click here
• For information concerning Stalking Laws in Tribal Communities click here

We hope you are able to take advantage of these materials, resources and support from the Partnership to advance public awareness about stalking in your communities.

Should you need any assistance or additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Alicia Bernstein, MPA, Training and Education Specialist, at 800.524.4765 or e-mail: