The Moby SOS Fund

On July 28, 2009, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the power of his line-item veto to eliminate the Domestic Violence Program under the California Department of Public Health, some $20.4 million that had gone directly to domestic violence shelters around the state.

Within weeks, shelters began to close their doors, and those that remained open were forced to cut their staff and services in order to stay in operation.  The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, on behalf of its member programs, initiated a media campaign to draw attention to their state’s shelter funding crisis.

In September, the award-winning recording artist Moby read about the shelter closures in the New York Times, and contacted The Partnership. He generously offered to donate all the proceeds from his California tour dates for our agency to distribute to the shelters that needed it most.

Using his initial donations as a starting point, Moby and The Partnership established The Moby SOS Fund, an ongoing source of much-needed funding for domestic violence service providers statewide. Together, they have turned Moby’s gift into a lasting legacy for California’s shelters.

To give to the Moby SOS Fund, click here.

SOS Moby Podium
SOS Moby Podium: Moby speaks at a rally for domestic violence shelters at San Francisco City Hall, October 15, 2009.

SOS Sen Yee
SOS Sen Yee: Senator Leland Yee addresses the rally crowd.

SOS Tara Moby Yee
SOS Tara Moby Yee: The Partnership's Executive Director Tara Shabazz joins Moby and Senator Yee on the steps of City Hall.

SOS Moby Perform
SOS Moby Perform: Moby performs at his shelter benefit concert in San Francisco.