Public Policy and Research Committees (PPRCs)

The Partnership monitors the development and implementation of state and federal laws that effect victims of domestic violence, non-profits, and domestic violence programs. We work closely with domestic violence advocates through our Public Policy and Research Committees (PPRCs) in each region to ensure that our public policy work meets the needs of survivors and programs across California. We also collaborate with legislators, state officials and others.

Our PPRC members actively participate and engage in the development of the Partnership’s legislative priorities. The adoption of legislative priorities is the culmination of a process involving Partnership members statewide. The Partnership and PPRCs collect ongoing feedback through member responses, reports from regional representatives, state reports, and discussions with state leaders. Criteria used for developing the public priority activities include viability, critical need, strong member support and potential for distinctive Partnership contribution.
Each year, the Partnership staff and members engage in a variety of public policy activities. These activities are identified by PPRC members, members at large and key stakeholders, with input and advice from staff. The Partnership staff and membership attend public hearings, provide comments on proposed and pending legislation, assist state agencies in policy development, serve on grant review committees, partner with state agencies on grants, assist in statewide training and resource development and provide expertise on issues in domestic violence. We provide public policy information to domestic violence victim advocates and allies in the movement. Lastly, the Partnership also holds an annual
Legislative Action Day to inform members and elected representatives about legislation related to domestic violence.

While some of the Partnership and PPRCs' activities culminate in legislation, some become established as sub-committee areas that are subsets of and run by PPRC members. Our current sub-committees are Domestic Violence Funding, Immigration and Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence (TDV), and Criminal Justice and Domestic Violence.

Criminal and Civil Justice
(formerly Domestic Violence Contempt Implementation Initiative)
The Sub-Committee is responsible for researching and providing recommendations to the statewide PPRC for DV emerging topics in policy and systems change. Our initial primary role was to be the advisory committee to create and implement SB1356 DV Contempt Law training curriculum.

What do we do?
  • Develop and implement statewide DV contempt trainings
  • Create and disseminate educational tools for the field
  • Increase collaboration between advocates and prosecutors
  • Expand The Partnership's work with law enforcement
The Funding Sub-Committee of the PPRC works to develop and support funding proposal(s) that will sustain and enhance public and private funding and resources for domestic violence prevention and response.

What do we do? 
  • Develop the Partnership-sponsored funding initiatives and proposals to support the Partnership members and the DV community as a whole
  • Evaluate and make recommendations to PPRC members on externally-sponsored funding legislation and proposals
Immigration & Domestic Violence
The Immigration Sub-Committee takes action on the connections between immigration and domestic violence in recognition of the overwhelming number of survivors who are faced with immigration issues. To address the unique needs of these survivors and the ways in which existing systems hinder the safety, needs, and autonomy of survivors who are immigrants, the sub-committee works to raise consciousness by facilitating dialogue, engaging in research, and creating and distributing educational resources for both advocates and immigrant survivors in our communities. By building connections in our communities, the committee strives to support the Partnership and the PPRC in advocating for systems change. More information...
What do we do?
  • Facilitate membership discussions and research regarding immigration and domestic violence statewide needs
  • Act as an advisory group to develop statewide and regional DV immigration trainings, educational tools, resources and networks
  • Make recommendations to PPRC & staff on the intersection of DV and immigration policy and systems change work
  • Develop and implement trainings
  • Create and disseminate resources
  • Increase collaborations and facilitate discussions with key networks
  • Expand the state’s policy & systems change work as it intersects within different structures and sub-committees (contempt, cps, custody, etc.)
  • Support the Partnership’s Regions with systems change, and coordinate regional networks
PPRC Adolescent Dating Abuse Sub-Committee
The sub-committee advocates for policies and practices to promote healthy relationships and prevent adolescent dating abuse. Preventing adolescent dating abuse is an important strategy for supporting California’s youth and preventing future adult domestic violence.
More information

What do we do?
  • Strengthen local and state capacity to advocate for dating abuse prevention policies and practices
  • Conduct public policy research and analysis
  • Develop legislative proposals
  • Work with the Partnership’s policy team and regional PPRCs to implement advocacy activities for sponsored dating abuselegislation
  • Evaluate and make recommendations to the policy team and regional PPRCs on dating abuse issues and related legislation
  • Work with the Partnership’s public affairs team to conduct education and media outreach during Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (TDVAPM) and throughout the year to elevate legislators’ and other stakeholders’ understanding of dating abuse and the need for comprehensive prevention efforts
  • Build partnerships among stakeholders, including education, parent, youth, public safety and other organizations, to strengthen and expand support for dating abuse prevention
  • Advocate for and provide technical assistance to support implementation of effective dating abuse prevention policies and practices

For more information about the PPRCs and how you can get involved, contact Krista Niemczyk, the Partnership’s Public Policy Specialist, at