Public Policy

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence has been instrumental in the enactment, passage, implementation and enforcement of strong, comprehensive legislation and policies that increase safety for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Through our Public Policy and Research Committees (PPRC's), domestic violence advocates have an integral role in ensuring that our policy work meets the needs of survivors and programs across California. Our policy efforts strive to hold batterers accountable and create sustainable funding sources for domestic violence programs and services. As part of our overall mission, the Partnership takes part in a number of policy and systems change activities:

  • Provide statewide leadership on public policy issues by promoting legislation and systems/procedural change in order to improve institutional response to domestic violence;
  • Work with the court system to improve both civil and criminal court responses to domestic violence;
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholder systems and organizations in policy and protocol development; and
  • Strategize for the prevention and elimination of domestic violence at the local, state and national levels.
The voices of survivors, advocates, and community members are essential to the Partnership’s policy successes. Elected officials, government agencies, and other policymakers listen to the concerns, experiences, and personal stories of their constituents and use this information in their decision-making process. 

State Legislative Agenda
The Partnership works with our membership to develop our annual policy priorities and advocate for the Legislature and Governor to support legislation that will protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable. The Partnership staff and membership attend public hearings, provide comments on proposed and pending legislation, assist state agencies in policy development, serve on grant review committees, partner with state agencies on grants, assist in statewide training and resource development and provide expertise on issues in domestic violence.

Federal Policy
In addition to our state-level efforts, the Partnership also advocates for federal funding and legislation to address the needs of victims. In particular, the Partnership prioritizes the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA), and the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA). Every year, Partnership representatives travel to Washington, DC to meet with the California Congressional delegation about our federal policy priorities.

Systems Change
The Partnership is committed to promoting systems advocacy and enhanced service delivery that prioritizes the safety, needs and autonomy of individuals who have experienced domestic violence. The focus of systems change is to increase and improve access to services, community and systems response for all communities including un-served and underserved populations as well as children. 

The prevention of adolescent dating abuse is a major part of our systems change work. The DELTA FOCUS project promotes school environments that support healthy relationships and prevents adolescent dating abuse. The three core project components are:

1) strategic communications;
2) policy analysis and development; and
3) coalition and partnership building.

A statewide Leadership Team provides guidance to plan, implement and evaluate the strategies at the state level. Two local coalitions implement and evaluate the core components at the local level.

Two demonstration projects implement and evaluate the DELTA FOCUS strategy and core components that the county level:

Peace Over Violence with the Coalition for Healthy Teen Relationships, Los Angeles, CA
Alliance for Community Transformations with the Mariposa Abuse Prevention Council, Mariposa, CA

The Partnership also systems change activities:

  • Strategic grassroots advocacy mobilization
  • Technical assistance on policy and systems change
  • Membership support in systems change advocacy
  • Coordination of PPRC sub-committees
  • Coordination of trainings in collaboration with our Technical Assistance & Training Department
  • Development and implementation of curriculums in support of legislation & other systems change tasks
  • Networking/Building Partnerships and Resources
  • Responding to Regional systems change requests
  • Facilitation of local MOU process for DV Legal Assistance
  • Building legal resources
  • Maintaining referral directory and materials
  • Participating in Working Groups/Meetings, including:
  • Participating in the Native American & AOC statewide meeting
  • Participating in national funding calls
  • Participating in national forums on immigration
  • Providing leadership training to future advocates (youth)
  • Responding to Membership Systems Change Requests
  • Coordinating field response to emerging issues
  • Connecting members on specific topics (Marriage License Fees, RFP’s, referrals, etc.)
  • Collecting and organizing field data (i.e. budget impact, resources
  • Responding to membership regional requests for resources/referrals
  • Providing local mediation/support – Local Government, Marriage License Fees, U Visas, Language Access, etc.
Get Involved!
Engaging all of our members in advocacy efforts is essential to our success. The decisions made in Sacramento and Washington DC directly impact programs and victims, and legislators need to hear from you. The following tools and resources will help you effectively engage in policy efforts.