Professional Training and Services

Our members advocate, provide critical services and address issues of domestic violence with limited time and resources. As the State Domestic Violence Coalition, The Partnership is in a position to assist our members in accessing the up-to-date information they need in order to do their best work.

The aim of our Professional Training and Services Program is to support our members and allied professionals in increasing their ability to: (i) Provide quality services to victims of domestic violence; (ii) Run successful organizations, and (iii) Continue to advocate for change and advance the domestic violence movement.

Activities to help our members strengthen their capacity include:

  • Trainings on a variety of subject areas through statewide conferences, regional trainings, on-site training sessions with local programs, and webinars.
  • Information and assistance to individuals and programs contacting us via phone or e-mail.
  • Customized technical assistance to help members in addressing specific questions, needs or challenges.
  • Videos, resources, curricula and materials available free of charge, on-line or through our lending library.
  • Sharing promising practices, trends and emerging issues developing at the state and national levels.

Domestic violence is a complex and multi-faceted social problem requiring comprehensive solutions. At The Partnership, we know we can’t be experts in all things, but we’ve become experts at finding the experts you need. If you don’t see the assistance you’re looking for here, contact us and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with one of our national colleagues, or a subject-matter expert in California.

The Partnership maintains an extensive list of individuals and organizations with specialized knowledge spanning a wide range of issues related to domestic violence. It’s our job to be a clearinghouse of information to help our members strengthen their organizations and services to survivors.

Through our extensive network, we link individuals and organizations with the common goal of preventing and ending domestic violence by:

  • Providing opportunities for networking, gaining support and engaging in meaningful dialogue with other members in each region throughout the state.
  • Encouraging information-sharing and dialogue through our active list serves.
  • Supporting partnerships which strengthen the network of victim services.
  • Convening opportunities for regional members to connect, reduce isolation, and deepen advocates’ commitment and sustainability in this work.
  • Disseminating key information and timely updates to our members.
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer sharing.
  • Facilitating the exchange of information, resources, sample policies, procedures, forms and materials.

How to Request Information and Assistance

Assistance to help you strengthen your capacity is just a click or call away!

If you’d like more information about trainings we offer, view our calendar.

For a quick question or basic information, call California Partnership to End Domestic Violence at (800) 524-4765; (916) 444-7163; TTY: (866) 484-4913. Or e-mail us at Our staff are available during regular business hours to respond to your questions, research additional information, provide individualized technical assistance, offer relevant materials and resources, and link you to experts with specialized knowledge.

Curricula and Trainings