2012 Domestic Violence Conference
2013 Annual Membership Meeting


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Keynote Speakers

Lavon Morris-Grant 
A dynamic, nationally-recognized speaker on topics related to violence against women, a best-selling author, consultant, and entrepreneur. Lavon has written several articles and a compelling book entitled: "Whom Shall I Fear: A Spiritual Journey Of A Battered Woman," telling the true story of almost being killed by her husband when he shot her four times, and the spiritual journey that transformed into a healing and recovery process for her. The enthralling story grasps the emotions of the reader with a battered woman's strength, courage, and faith that carried her through the harrowing dark path of domestic violence, attempted murder, and suicide. For more information, click here.

Linda Burnham 
Co-founder and former executive director of the Women of Color Resource Center. The Women of Color Resource Center is a community-based organization that links activists with scholars and provides information and analysis on the social, political and economic issues that most affect women of color. Burnham founded the center to provide a strong institutional base for an agenda that recognizes the crucial interconnections between anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic organizing.
For more information, click here.

Jessica Lenahan And Nancy Lemon 
In this compelling story, Nancy Lemon and Jessica Lenahan explained the cases Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales
and Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States

Dolores Huerta 
Born into a family where her father was a farm worker, miner, union activist, and New Mexico legislator; and her feminist seed was planted by her mother's independence, entrepreneurial spirit, and community activism. Upon graduating from Stockton High School, Dolores earned a teaching credential at the University of Pacific's Delta College. While teaching, she could not bear to see her students come to school with empty stomachs and bare feet, and thus began her lifelong journey of working to correct economic injustice. Dolores served as an organizer in the Stockton Community Service Organization (CSO), founded the Agricultural Workers Association, set up voter registration drives, and pressed local governments for barrio improvements. In 1955 she met a like-minded colleague, César E. Chávez. The two discovered they shared a common vision of organizing farm workers, and launched the National Farm Workers Association. The first testament to her lobbying and negotiating talents were demonstrated in securing Aid For Dependent Families ("AFDC") and disability insurance for farm workers in the State of California in 1963, an unparalleled feat of the times. She was also instrumental in the enactment of the Agricultural Labor Relations Act of 1975. This was the first law of its kind in the United States, granting farm workers in California the right to collectively organize and bargain for better wages and working conditions.

While Dolores was breaking down one gender barrier after another, she was seemingly unaware of the tremendous impact she was having on, not only farm worker woman but also young women everywhere. Dolores initially dismissed the 1960's women's liberation movement as a "middle-class phenomenon". However while directing the first National Boycott of California Table Grapes out of New York she came into contact with Gloria Steinem and the burgeoning feminist movement who rallied behind the cause. Quickly she realized they shared more in common than previously imagined. Having found a supportive voice with other feminists, Dolores consciously began to challenge gender discrimination within the farm workers movement. At age 78, Dolores is President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation where she continues to work tirelessly developing leaders, advocating for working poor, women and children. For more information, click here.

Advocates Track
Children’s Track
Unserved/Underserved Communities Track
Economic Empowerment Track 
Prevention Track 
Public Policy/Legal Services Track 
Leadership/Management Track

Advocates Track
Violence Connected: The Overlap of Domestic Violence and Gang Violence
Eve Sheedy, Senior Trial Deputy for Domestic Violence Policy, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office
Kellie Dillon, Case Manager, Prototypes
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from the speakers

"What Happened to You?" Providing Trauma-Informed Care
Rachel Ramirez-Hammond, Training Coordinator, Ohio Domestic Violence Network
Manual and Presentation

Advocacy Beyond Leaving: Meeting the Needs of All Victims and Their Children
Jennifer Rose, Consultant, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
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Beyond Labels: Serving Survivors with Mental Illness
Cema Mastroleo, Disability Services Manager, SafePlace
Fact Sheet  and Presentation

Preparing Your Shelter for Incarcerated Survivors
Brenda Clubine-Coolbaugh, Director, Every 9 Seconds
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Children’s track
Children in the Crossfire - Helping Women and Children Heal Through Visitation Services
Sonia Melara, Executive Director, Rally Family Visitation

Responding to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence through Effective Collaboration
Elaine Whitefeather, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Intervention Center
Mica Mione, Training & Collaboration Manager, The Child Abuse Prevention Center

Moving From Learning to Practice: Prototyping to Connect the Dots
Kathryn Burroughs, Project Coordinator, Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence
Devorah Levine, Manager, Contra Costa County Zero Tolerance

Momma’s Boys: Raising Boys Who Witness Domestic Violence To Men
Lavon Morris-Grant, Presendent/Founder, Lavon Morris-Grant, LLC

Addressing Domestic Violence, Child Safety and Well-being: Collaborative Strategies for California Families
Ann Rosewater, Consultant, California Leadership Group on Domestic Violence and Child Wellbeing
Devorah Levine, Manager, Contra Costa County Zero Tolerance
Addressing Domestic Violence, Child Safety and Well-being: Collaborative Strategies for California Families

Unserved/Underserved Communities Track
Fostering Cultural Competency
Nilda Valmores, Executive Director, My Sister’s House
Marsha Krouse-Taylor, Executive Director, Casa de Esperanza
Joelle Gomez, Executive Director, Women’s Center of San Joaquin County ... More
Presention I  
and Presentation II

Strengthening Relationships in Tribal Communities
Connie Reitman-Solas, Inter-Tribal Council of California
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Myths and Realities of Serving Cultural Minorities
Zakia Afrin, Legal Advocate, Maitri
Sarah Kahn, Program Director, Maitri
Mukta Sharangpani, Maitri
Fact Sheet and Presentation

Negotiating Across Cultures: Creating Safe Spaces
Rogeair Purnell, Consultant, RDP Consulting
Joelle Gomez, Executive Director, Women’s Center of San Joaquin County
Resource List and Presentation

Immigration Options for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Catherine Ward-Seitz: Regional Immigration Coordinator, Bay Area Legal Aid

Economic Empowerment Track

Creative Collaborations to Financially Empower Domestic Violence Survivors
Claire McCullough, Community Programs Director, La Casa de las Madres
Jodi Appel, Director, Harrington House
Erin Scott, Director of Legal & Crisis Intervention Services, Family Violence Law Center
Tracy Lamb, Executive Director, Napa Emergency Women’s Services 
Economic Self Sufficency hand out

Napa Economic Self Sufficiency Matrix

Family Violence Is Not an Option: Expanding Access to DV Services Under Welfare Reauthorization
Diana Spatz, Executive Director, LIFETIME
Rebeca Walker Marquez, Peer Mentor, LIFETIME
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Leading Through Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Survivors
Donna Addkison, Director FES Program, Wider Opportunities for Women
Hasti Hejazi, ESS Project Coordinator, Wider Opportunities for Women
ESS project summary, FES Fact Sheet, GREEN Entrepreneurship, MicroBusiness Resources, The Best Economic Security Tables

Consumer Law and Housing Rights for DV Survivors
Claire Johnson, Attorney/Equal Justice Works Fellow, Bay Area Legal Aid
Meliah Schultzman, Attorney, National Housing Law Project

Prevention Track
Tweak Your Speak: New Strategies to Engage Youth
Eric Anderson, Director of Youth Programs, Break the Cycle
Jasmine Ceja, Youth Programs Coordinator, Break the Cycle



Promising Practices from the Field: A Discussion of Innovative Prevention Approaches
Annie Lyles, Program Manager, Prevention Institute
Trisha Baird, Prevention Program Manager, Tahoe SAFE Alliance
Laura Buckner, Prevention Program Coordinator, Tahoe SAFE Alliance
Lupe Gonzalez, Supervisor, Gold Coast Health Plan
Carolyn Russell, Executive Director, A Safe Place
Reco Bremby, Consultant, CEO, Bembry Consulting Services
Emily Austin, Director of Policy, Peace Over Violence
Melodie Kruspodin, Rape Prevention Education Coordinator, Peace Over Violence
Prevention Institute framework presentation

California prevention examples presentation

Planning, implementing, evaluating and sustaining community-based prevention: the DELTA story
Sharon Turner, Regional Director, STAND! For Families Free of Violence
Devorah Levine, Manager, Contra Costa County Zero Tolerance
Alison Tudor, Director, Mountain Crisis Services
Beth Raub, Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo
Sarah Ou, Prevention Coordinator, Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo
Valerie Brew, Child Well Being Department Director, South Bay Community Services
Larissa Tabin, DELTA Project Coordinator, South Bay Community Services


Community Responses to Teen Dating Violence in Urban Settings: A Trauma Informed Approach
Tatiana Colon, Consultant/Chair, Youth Relationship Alliance of Alameda County
Tuere Anderson, Director of Health Services, Youth Radio

Public Policy/Legal Services Track

Advocacy Rules and Effectiveness for Nonprofits Partnering to End Domestic Violence
Daren Gershelis, Counsel, Alliance for Justice
Marci Fukuroda, Director of Legal Services, Rainbow Services Ltd.
Understanding Advocacy Rules for Nonprofits
Domestic Violence Prevention in California: Achievements in Public Policy Advocacy

Ethical Legal Advocacy – Issues for Domestic Violence Advocates
Erin Scott, Director of Legal & Crisis Intervention Services, Family Violence Law Center
Jessica Dayton, Supervising Attorney, Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse

Improving Court Access for Tribal Victims of Domestic Violence
Stephanie Dolan, Executive Director, Northern California Tribal Court Coalition
April Attebury, Chairperson, Northern California Tribal Court Coalition

Introduction to Domestic Violence Advocates Serving as Domestic Violence Expert Witnesses
Nancy Lemon, Law Professor, Berkeley School of Law
Gail Pincus, Director, Domestic Abuse Center

Systems Change Needs for Domestic Violence in the Veteran Community: a Multi-disciplinary Approach
Amy Fairweather: Director of Policy, Swords to Plowshares
Starlyn Lara: Women Veteran Coordinator, Swords to Plowshares
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the speakers

Leadership/Management Track
Beyond the Framework, Diversity Leadership in Practice
Denice Labertew, Women LEAD Network
Leah Aldridge, Consultant
No PowerPoint received from the speakers

Intergenerational Leadership - Human Options' Story
Vivian Clecak, Chief Executive Officer, Human Options
Maricela Rios, Chief Operating Officer, Human Options

Generational Outreach & Fundraising
Kim Tucker, Vice-President Director of Non-profit Services, 3fold Communications
Gordon Fowler, Chief Executive Officer, 3fold Communications

Financial Leadership for Current and Future Leaders: Using Financial Information to Inform Strategic Decisions
Brent Copen, Senior Manager, La Piana Consulting
Lester Olmstead-Rose, Director of Strategy, La Piana Consulting
Hand out I and Hand out II

Earned Revenue Strategies in the Domestic Violence Sector: A Good Idea?
Paula Smith-Arrigoni, Principal, Smith & Daley
Leighanne Daley Sanchez, Principal, Smith & Daley