The Partnership Spokesperson

Tracie Stafford
Stafford first broke her lifelong silence in 2007, testifying at a public hearing before the California State Legislature, where she disclosed the abuse she suffered as a third generation domestic violence victim. She told the heart-wrenching story of an impoverished young girl who spent her evenings cowering, praying that her mother would survive the night's beating.

Filled with crippling insecurity and self loathing, Stafford was destined to enter into an abusive relationship. “When I was struck for the first time, it didn’t shock me as it might someone who had never been exposed to such violence. I was desensitized and considered the relationship normal.” What got Stafford out of the abusive relationship you might ask? Love for her then 3 year old daughter. “After a brutal beating, I looked into my baby’s unnaturally calm eyes and knew that I didn’t want that life for her. We left the next day.”

Stafford went on to be happily married, a business owner, board president, community leader, Governor Schwarzenegger appointee and was crowned Mrs. California USA 2007. By all measures she was a success. But it wasn’t until she told her story that she began to heal. Stafford now dedicates her time in the fight against Domestic Violence as a spokesperson, speaker and advocate. 

“I am blessed to have escaped with my life and grateful to speak for those who otherwise might not be heard.”

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